Chesed/ How incredible is Hashem!


2 October 2016
29 Elul, 5776 
In Loving Memory of our Dear Parents
Benjamin Assa & Rebeca Assa z"L
How incredible is Hashem!
Hashem in His perfect way of creating the world, demonstrates His bountiful and boundless Kindness.

By making us all dependent, we learn every day how to improve ourselves and how to imitate Him, by looking for ways to help, whomever is in need, always!! 
It makes us understand that we always have opportunities to imitate Him and once again showing His love for us, by looking for ways to always compensate us. Since the more opportunities He gives us to help others, the more we receive.


Chesed/ Hashem does not want us to forget Him...


29 September 2016
26 Elul, 5776 
In Loving Memory of our Dear Parents
Benjamin Assa & Rebeca Assa z"L
Hashem does not want us to forget Him...
The dynamics of Hashem is to make everyone, absolutely everyone in need of others. Constantly reminding us that we could not exist without others´ favors.

As opposed to animals, who from day one are born knowing how to walk and can survive on their own, us humans are born dependent from the second we arrive to this world.

And this teaches us how valuable it is for humans to "give."


Jesed/ Continuamos...


23 Septiembre 2016
20 Elul, 5776 

Continuando con el tema del jesed y el sustento, el Jafetz Jaim advierte que uno no debe de pensar que los actos de tzedaka y de jesed que uno lleve a acabo podrían afectar su riqueza.  
Si seguimos el camino correcto que la Tora y nuestros Jajamim nos dictan, no sufriremos pérdidas, al contrario, ganaremos la promesa de Hashem del sustento.

Jesed/ ¿Con qué tiempo?


22 Septiembre 2016
19 Elul, 5776 
¿Con qué tiempo?  

Si el estudio de Tora y el jesed son las actividades primordiales del yehudi, ¿a qué hora se debe de ocupar por ganarse su sustento? 
Él Jafetz Jaim explica que si uno aprende a ayudar a su prójimo, Hashem se encarga de proveerle su sustento.

Jesed/ Tarea de hoy


21 Septiembre 2016
18 Elul, 5776 

Si alguien me pide un consejo trataré de basar mi respuesta en conceptos válidos de la Tora. 

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